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Giordano: an Italian story, based on a passion for quality

Giordano is located in the north of Italy, more precisely in the Langhe region, an area known throughout the world as the home of the great Piedmont reds. It is here that our family has been making classic wines since 1900, standing out from the start for quality and respect for traditions.

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Experience, know how, careful selection of the best grapes, total control of quality in every phase of winemaking and above all passion! These are the ingredients that go into the making of a quality wine, a wine worthy of Italy’s highest wine making traditions! These are the same ingredients that make up the Giordano range of wines.

The Giordano family has been producing wine in Valle Talloria since 1900

At Giordano the art of producing fine wine is deeply rooted in a tradition which has been proudly passed on from father to son for over 100 years. For four generations this tradition has been fuelled by a love for the land, a passion for one’s work, a respect for the lessons only experience can teach as well as by a quiet satisfaction in one’s achievements.

Each generation has contributed its own particular mark of personality and innovation without ever forsaking its roots.

Using state of the art techniques and equipment offers us the opportunity of being able to create an ever wider range of products. At the same time this has allowed us to bring the quality of our products to the highest level, a fact that is widely appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Yet the people who work at the Giordano winery have remained proudly attached to the rural tradition in which this business is steeped, jealously guarding those rituals, that have always gone into making good wine, remaining true to their hearts and true to nature.